MUGEN COATING PREMIUM is specialized for hardened steels. Improved from MUGEN COATING and succeeded in keeping characteristics that enough to process high hard materials.
 High oxidation temperature brings high heat resistance, MUGEN COATING PREMIUM known as also applicable for high heat-resistant steels recently.

Comparison of Rigidity with Various Materials

MUGEN COATING PREMIUM improved high rigidity of edge to specialize in cutting hardened materials.

[Material] HAP40 60HRC(Powder HSS)

MRBH230 R1x6
Tool Wear0.029mm

Rival R1x6
Tool Wear0.1mm

n:20,000min-1 Vf:1,600mm/min ap:0.15mm×ae:0.3mm
Oil mist Cutting time:18min Cutting length25m

Rival 0.1、MRBH230 R1x6 0.029(Tool Wear1/3以下)

[Material] PD613 60HRC(SKD11)

MRBH230 R1x6
Tool Wear0.046mm

Rival R1x6
Tool Wear0.163mm

n:25,000min-1 Vf:2,000mm/min ap:0.2mm×ae:0.3mm
Oil mist Cutting time:62min Cutting length100m

Rival 0.163、MRBH230 R1x6 0.046(Tool Wear1/3以下)