End Mill Series for 5-axis machining

MUGEN COATING PREMIUM Plus 3-Flute Ball End Mill for 5-axis Machining


3-flute high rigidity ball design conforms the features of a 5-axis machine to reduce the total manufacturing cost.


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1. Coating

New coating「MUGEN COATING PREMIUM Plus」with high Oxidation resistance and abrasion resistance achieves optimization of machining performance on work materials over 60HRC.

2. High Efficiency

3-flute with unequal flute spacing reduces chattering and realizes high feed.
In addition, adopt positive cutting edge to carbide material with fracture resistance ability to reduce cutting load.

Unequal flute spacing to reduce chattering Positive cutting edge

3. High Rigidity

Specialized neck design for 5-axis machining, and φ6 shank even for the smaller diameter suppress a tool deflection excellently.

Tool design for high rigidity to maximize advantages of 5-axis machining Suppressing the amount of deflection