Notice: Discontinued Product

Due to recent situation of market demands and production circumstances, NS TOOL has decided to discontinue the production of the following 20 semi-standard items from September, 2022.

All sizes of these items in the following list will no longer be produced, and will be eliminated from selling list as soon as running out of the current stock.

We apologize for any inconvenience caused by the discontinuation, but we would keep improving quality and service on current products, and contributing with the development of innovative products in this machining market.

Discontinued products list:

    Type Item Total Size Line Up
    NX-2560 Φ6.1 ~ Φ12
    NX-30 60Φ6.1 ~ Φ12
    NX-35 60 Φ6.1 ~ Φ12
    NX-40 60 Φ6.1 ~ Φ12
    NX-45 60 Φ6.1 ~ Φ12
    NE-2 21 Φ1 ~ Φ12
    NE-4 6 Φ3 ~ Φ7
    NEL-3 8 Φ6 ~ Φ20
    NCM-2 24 Φ0.5 ~ Φ6
    NCM-4 11 Φ1 ~ Φ6
    DXM 4 Φ3 ~ Φ6
    DXL 4 Φ3 ~ Φ6
    DSF6 Φ1 ~ Φ6
    NSBL-2 4 R3 ~ R6
    NTE-2 141 Φ0.5×30′~ Φ10×10゚
    NTEL-2 40 Φ1×30′~ Φ3×20゚
    NTEL-4 32 Φ3×30′~ Φ6×5゚
    NTEM-2 36 Φ1×4゚ ~ Φ4×20゚
    DTE 56 Φ1×30′~ Φ6×5゚
    DTEL 56 Φ1×30′~ Φ6×5゚